Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feeling Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt overloaded?  That is how I am feeling now.  I want to go to BJ's to purchase some items that I have coupons for,  fold clothes and cook my family a nice dinner.  Dinner is half done and clothes are almost folded, but I feel I need a nap.  I really want to go to the store to stock up on those items we use quite frequently in the summer for I tend to not shop as much during summer months.  What do you do when you are feeling drained?  Do you take the nap or continue pushing yourself until it is all said and done? 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sure Solid Deodorant

My family loves Sure deodorant, but I don't believe we are getting our monies worth.  Every time we get half way through the bottle the deodorant starts to crumble and fall a part.  It falls all over the floor, the counter top and all over your clothes when it starts to break.  How do you keep your solid deodorant from breaking up? 

Publix Trip 4

This is the last of my trips to Publix.  I was determined to use all of my $5 off $30 Publix coupons.  I didn't have any additional coupons, but I took advantage of BOGO deals and made some meat purchases. 

3 packs of Thin Cut Pork Chops Price Range $4.07 to $4.50
4 packs of Lenders Bagels $1.95 BOGO
4 bottles of Ocean Spray Cran Grape Juice $3.25 BOGO
1 box of Flips Pretzels $2.00
1 Carton Florida Natural Orange Juice $3.89
1 pack of Freshly Cut Pineapples slices $2.21

1 $5 of $30 Purchase Publix Coupons
1 $2 off Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Coupon

Total w/Tax $25.03
Total Savings $17.35

Publix Trip 3

Stocking up for the summer when I don't like to eat a lot of heavy food, so some frozen dinners always come in handy. 

12 Marie Callender Meals $2.65 BOGO
2 Bags of Cheetos $3.49 BOGO
1 Florida Natural Orange Juice $3.89
1 Carton of Blackberries $4.99
1 Gallon of Mayfiled Milk $5.29 (Expensive but worth it)

1 $5 off $30 Purchase Publix Coupon
1 $1 off Mayfield Milk Coupon
1 $2 off $2 purchase of Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Coupon

Total w/Tax $26.09
Total Savings $27.32

Publix Trip 2

I had to stock up on Green Works cleaning products, this is the only cleaner my husband will use to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.  I believe he uses half a bottle at a time which I believe is too much, but I want complain since I don't have to mop. 

6 Green Works Cleaners 2 for $5
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaners 2 for $5
1 Pack of Smithfield Sliced Ham $4.43
1 Pack of Strawberries $2.50
1 Pack of Sugar Cookies $2.79 (My daughter needed these for a class party, student teacher last day)
2 Packs of Poster Board .75 cents each (We always stock up on discounted art materials and school supplies)

1 $5 off $30 purchase
1 $2 off $2 Publix Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Coupon
1 $2 off Smithfield Ham coupon
2 $1 off Scrubbing Bubbles Coupon
6 .50 cents off Green Works Doubles to $1 off ea.

Total w/ Tax $12.84
Total Savings $27.11

Publix Trip 1

I had some $5 of $30 purchase coupon to use, so I made several trips to Publix in the local area to use them before they expired.

1 pack of Ground Beef $7.47
4 packs of Smithfield Sliced Ham Prices ranging from $4.19-$4.39
1 pack of Chicken Breast $3.53
6 ears of Corn  $2

1 $5 off $30
4 $2 off Smithfield Coupons
1 $2 off Publix Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Coupon

Total w/ Tax $16.21
Total Savings $19.82

Magnum Ice Cream @ Target

My family loves Magnum Ice Cream, but it is a little on the expensive side.  We only eat Magnum when it is on sale and we must have a coupon.  This ice cream is fantastic, but I am not willing to sacrifice for the expensive price tag.  I was able to get Magnum at a great price at Target and this is how it was done.

4 boxes of Magnum Mini's $3.85 ea

2 $1.50 off Magnum Coupons
2 $2 off 2 Target Coupons

Total OOP $ 5.70 including tax Great price for 24 mini's (approx .24 cents each)

Closing Up Another School Year

I've kind of been very busy putting finishing touching on student learning, so I haven't had much time to blog.  We are preparing for the KinderCarnival where Pre-K and Kindergarten students get together for and end of year celebration.  We are also completing final evaluations and learning what I students will need to succeed in the next grade.  The students are excited about the end of the year and have started to display some off the wall behaviors.  I am so ready to close out this year and prepare for the next one.  I believe I have given my students all the tools they need to be successful and I wish them well in the next grade.  I hope they continue to make me proud. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Publix Transaction 1

I had to make several different transactions at Publix to get everything I set out to get and use the $5/$30 coupons I had.  I was able to get everything and still remain under a good budget for the week.  Here is one of three transations that I completed. 

2 loaves of Natures Own Bread
2 fresh fruit medleys
2 body scrubs (for Hubby) No Coupons
6 bottles of tea
1 bottle of Pine Sol
1 Bag of Nature Granola
1 bag of Publix potatoes

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Subway Random Acts of Fitness Program

I just signed up for Subway Random Acts of Fitness Program.  I received this packet last year and my students enjoyed participating with the activities.  If you would like to join visit Subway and get signed up.  It was a great experience I would recommend this program for teachers in elementary grades this helps out with planned recess. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Clorox Wipes for Teachers

Clorox is giving teachers 2 free canisters of Clorox wipes for submitting their class supply list on line.  All you have to do is include Clorox wipes on your list and upload it to their site.  These wipes are great for the classroom.  They are safe around the students and can be used on a daily basis.  Head over here and get signed up today.  If you don't have a copy of your supply list on hand you can create one on the site.  I truly recommend these wipes for the classroom they work well.  This offer is available to the first 25, 000 teachers who sign up.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Publix Transaction 2

Ralphie the Tree

Every year I am amazed how my tree changes colors before my eyes, so this year I decided I would journal the steps it makes from beginning to end.  This may seem like a boring thing to record for most of you, but as a teacher these are the things that spark my interest.  Follow the transformation as Ralphie (my daughter named the tree for this project) changes before your eyes.  Try this experiment with your children and see how amazed they are when the leaves have come and gone. 

Saving 70% at Target

What great after Easter bargains I found at Target.  They had most of their spring dollar spot items on sale at 70% off.  We are preparing for our annual KinderCarnival at school so this was a great opportunity to stock up.  I purchased coloring books, lip gloss, pencils, books, Sponge Bob and Dora containers, flower glasses, games, hair accessories, stickers, candy and socks.  Everything from the black dollar spot section was .30 cents.  The candy was 50% off so not so bad.  I would have love to get the candy at 70% off, but not quite yet.  Keep your eyes peeled for these bargains in your local Target.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Enjoy this Easter Sunday and make it a blessed day. 
Spend time with family and friends. 
Make a delicious meal.
Pray for the world.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Shopping @ Dirtcheap in Alabama

OK there is this store called Dirtcheap in Brewton, Alabama where you can go to find junk.  Yes that's what I call it junk.  Many times it is good junk, but it is stuff that gets sent back from Target stores around the country.  You can sometimes find some good things here, but it takes some looking to do this.  You also have to know what's a bargain and what is not.  I found only 3 things that I could find a good use for.  I purchased a Clemson lunch bag for my coworker, a French Calendar for my daughter to decorate her walls, and a cover for a calculator I found at a thrift store. They had a lot of things I could have put in my treat box, but at 50 cents each I can do better, so I left them in the store.  I would like to say that the cashier I had was very rude.  I made two purchases and she didn't say thank you once.  She also turned around and begin talking to her co-workers before I finished at the register. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great Deal on Cokes and Chocolate

Two of my favorite things to have on hand Coke products and Chocolate.  I was able to go to CVS and work a great deal with some extrabucks I had accumulated over the last couple of weeks.  My family is a big fan (Family Addiction) of Reese's cup, so we have to have them in the house at all times. 

4 12 packs of Coke products 4/$10
5 bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent .99ea
4 bags of Hershey's Chocolate $2.50 ea
1 3ct box of Depends (To be Donated) $3.99

$2 off CVS coupon for Easter purchase
$2 off coupon for Hershey purchase
5 .50 cents off Dawn Coupons
$2 off CVS Depends Coupon
$2 off Depends Manu Coupon
2 $5 Extrabuck
1 $5.99 Extrabuck

Total OOP $3.38

Free Allegra @ CVS Woohoo!!!

Thanks to the makers of Allegra I was able to score some real inexpensive allergy medicine for my allergy suffers.  My family likes Zyrtec, but for the extreme reduced price I will try Allegra to see how well it works for the family. 

4 5ct boxes of Allegra $6.99

4 $7 off Coupons from April 1 SS

Total paid $1.96 Taxes ONLY So FREE

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chick Fil A Calendars Great Investment

My family went to the dentist for one of yearly cleanings and afterwards we decided to have lunch at Chick Fil A.  In the past, I have always had coupons to use at Chick-Fil-A, but on this occasion we didn't have one coupon to use.  Where were my coupons?  I am a faithful Chick-Fil-A calendar purchaser, so normally I always have coupons.  Well here's the story my husband LOST my coupon envelope filled with restaurant coupons and gift cards.  Oh how that angered me, but being the loving wife I am I cried and forgot all about them.  We are talking about coupons from at least 3 years of expired calendars for their coupons never expire.  To top it off this year I forgot to purchase my usual 6 calendars to off set my summer feeding cost.  Chick-Fil-A calendars really help my family of five get through a busy summer of traveling and eating out. To sum up my story we spent $34.00 for lunch at Chick-Fil-A.   If you are a fan of Chick-Fil-A as my family and I are make sure you purchase Chick-Fil-A calendars at the end of the each year.  The begin selling them in November and continue through January.  The calendars are $6 each and contain over $30 in free food and the coupons never expire.  Here's looking forward to the end of the year, so I can purchase new calendars so that I can enjoy one of my favorite restaurants at a discount.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stepping Out of the Box

I recently purchased Publix yogurt because it was on sale for 25cents a cup. I normally never by store brand yogurt but for 25cents I thought I couldn't go wrong.  Wow to my surprise the Publix yogurt was awesome.  Now I still have to get this by my picky eaters, but in my opinion it is as good as the big guys.  This is my personal opinion and I wasn't compensated for my thoughts.  If you are intersted hurry out to stock up, because it is really good.  I tried the fruit on the bottom strawberry lowfat yogurt. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Free Collage 8X10 @ Walgreens

Walgreens is offering up a Free Collage 8x10 print when you enter code 7DDCOLLG at checkout.  Visit to upload your pictures for your FREE 8x10 collage print.  All you have to do is run out to your local store and pick it up, No Charge!!
 Collage Print

Great Deal on Coke Products at CVS

CVS has Coke products on sale this week 4/$10.  This is a great stock up price.  If you don't live near a CVS, Walgreens has Coke products on sale 5/$14.  The best deal is at CVS. 

RCA products SUCK!!!

When I purchased my home I purchased 2 RCA TVs at the same time.  When the small TV went out in February of 2012 I didn't think much about it.  I just assumed that the TV had done all that it could do and that was the end.  I accepted the TV not working, but a month later the big screen RCA TV went out.  These TV are programmed to go out in a given amount of time.  This is a horrible thing to do to a consumer.   You purchase a product thinking that it will last you a while and they both go out within months of each other.  I will never ever in life buy another RCA product.  I have a Sanyo TV that my husband and I bought 16 years ago and it works perfectly.  The 2 RCA products went out with less than 6 years of service.  Now I have to decide whether to purchase new TVs or have a repairman to come out and repair them.  The parts for these TV start at $100 and rise.  I am so disappointed in RCA and wanted to share my feelings with anyone who would listen.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free Cokes @ Walgreens Thanks to Coke Rewards

I love entering my coke points on coke rewards to earn free coke products.  I purchased 6 12 packs of coke products and 2 8 packs for $4.13 w/tax.  That's not all my purchase also qualified for the Hersheys, Coca Cola & Kraft Foods Register Rewards.  So I received a $10 coupon to return to the store to purchase more items.  WooHoo what a great deal. 

3 Coke 12 packs 3.50 ea
3 Sprite 12 packs 3.50 ea
1 Coke 8 pack 3.49  2/$6
1 Sprite 8 pack 2.51

5 Free Coke Rewards 12 pack coupons
2 Buy 3 12 packs receive 1 8 pack free Walgreens Deal

Total OOP $4.13 Plus Received $10 Register Rewards