Sunday, December 30, 2012


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Don't forget to search with Swag Bucks to earn points for Amazon, Walmart, and CVS gift cards.  Wow, I just earned 19 Swag Bucks surfing the web. If you would like to earn swag bucks head over HERE to get registered. I use swag bucks to purchase Amazon gift cards for online purchases.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Inexpensive Cereal @ Publix

Not a great picture, but the items I bought will have my family squared away for breakfast or a late night snack for a while.  This was the perfect time to stock up on the cereal my family loves the most. 

3 Hallmark Cards .99 ea
2 Hallmark Cards 2.99 ea
1 Bag of Black Eye Peas .99 ea
2 Packs of Nestle Toll House Cookies $2.73 ea
2 Smart Vegetables $1.25 ea
1 Carton of Florida Natural Orange Juice $3
2 Boxes of Quaker Oatmeal Soft Baked Cookies $1.99 ea
2 Cans Niagara Spray Starch $1.69 ea
1 Bottle of Pine Sol $2.50
6 Boxes of TGIFriday's Snack Wings $2.85 BOGO
2 Boxes Fruit Loops $1.88 ea
4 Boxes of Apple Jacks $1.88 ea
2 Boxes of Frosted Flakes $1.88 ea

2 .75 off Nestle Cookies
1 .60 off Florida Natural Kroger Coupon
3 $1 off Publix Quaker Oatmeal Coupons (1 Cashier Mistake Twice Scanned)
1 $1 off 2 Quaker Oatmeal Coupons
2 .55 off Niagara Publix Coupons
1 .50 off Pine Sol Doubled
3 $1 off 2 Kellogg's Cereal
1 .50 off Frosted Flakes Doubled
1 .70 off any Kellogg's Cereal
1 $5 off Purchase Competitor Coupon
3 BOGO Hallmark Coupons -2.99 -.99 -2.99(Cashier Mistake)
1 $2 off 3 Hallmark Manu Coupon
1 $1 off Hallmark Coupon Kroger

Total w/tax $28.41
* Didn't notice cashier mistakes until I looked at receipt at home to upload for ibotta. 

Celebrating my 1st year as a Blogger

Wow! Wow! Wow!

A year has passed and I have been the official blogger of  I have enjoyed sharing my shopping, stories, and experiences with those of you who have followed me.  I look forward to another great money saving year in 2013.  I know that some days I don't get to post as much as I would like, but the complications of being a wife, parenting and teaching sometimes get in the way.  Look for more to come and thanks for allowing me to share parts of my life with you. 

Happy Blogging,


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

Publix Last Minute Run

It wouldn't be me if I had everything I needed for holiday dinners.  So this year is no exception, I had to run out to get some confectioners sugar and picked up a couple of other things I'm sure I will need before it's all over. 
4 Smart Balance Milk $2.50ea
2 Boxes of Domino Confectioners Sugar $1.29ea
2 Hefty Plates $1.50ea
1 McCormick Lemon Flavoring $4.59
1 Diamond Nuts $2.79
1 Edwards Lemon Meringue Pie $3.95
1 Parkay Spread $1.99

4 Smart Balance Mani Coupons $1.50
4 Publix Smart Balance Coupons $1
1 $1 off 2 Domino Sugar
1 $1 off 2 Hefty Plates
1 .30 coupon for Parkay
1 Publix Diamond Coupon .75
1 $1 off Edwards Pie Mani Coupon
1 $.55 off Edwards Pie Publix Coupon

Total w tax $14.98

$105 at Publix

I was very impressed with my shopping today at Publix.  I was able to purchase all of the food above for $105 after using coupons.  This food will go along way.  All I have to do is add some meat and I am set for a couple of months.  I purchased 99 items at .94 cents per item.  Not bad considering I have some high valued items included in this transaction.   
2 24 packs of Coke Products
3 Jars of Kraft Mayo
2 5lb bags of Domino Sugar
1 Stalk of celery
1 Gallon of Publix Tea
2 Jars of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce
1 Pack of Sanitary Napkins
2 Cans of Niagara Spray Starch
1 bag of Lays Chips
2 Edwards Pies
1 Box of Clementines Oranges
4 Cans of Glory Greens and Beans
2 5lbs Gold Medal Flour
1 Package of Hummus
1 Quart of Buttermilk
2 Gallons of Mayfield Milk
1 Can of Reddi Whip Cream
4 Blocks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
4 Cans of Hunts Tomato Sauce
3 Cans of Swanson Broth
2 Containers of Smucker's Jelly
3 Packages of Kraft Cheese
4 Containers of Breakstone Sour Cream
2 Boxes of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
4 Packages of Knorr Pasta Sides
6 Packages of Trident Gum
1 Package of Nathans Beef Hot Dogs
1 Family 4 Pack of Marie Callender's Pot Pies
1 Dozen of Eggs
1 Package of Pimento Cheese
2 Stouffer's Family Lasagna
1 Bottle of Pom Juice
2 Bottles of Nestle Bliss Cream
9 Packages and Boxes of Idahoan Potatoes
2 Red Food Colors
1 Package of Pita Bread
4 Packages of King's Hawaiian 12 count rolls
4 Bottles of Kraft Salad Dressing
2 Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow
2 3pack Cake Pans
1 64 oz CranGrape Juice by Ocean Spray
4 Boxes of Quaker Silla Bars

Thursday, December 20, 2012

50% off Large Regular Priced Pizza at Papa John's

Papa Johns is once again is offering the 50% off Regular Menu price of any large pizza. Head over to Papa John's Online Ordering system to take advantage of this great deal. Just enter 50DEC on the special offers page. This code is good through December 23, 2012. Save the delivery fee by rushing over and picking this great deal up.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Great Price for Pop Tarts @ Publix

Wow I found a great deal on Pop Tarts at Publix.  I didn't plan on buying Pop Tarts, but at this price I couldn't pass them up.
3 3 count Boxes of Pop Tarts 2 for $4.12
1 4pk cans of Biscuits $2.50
1 box of Count Chocula Treats $1.50
2 Stir Fry Veggies $1
3 $.55 cents Pop Tart Coupons found on the box. 
Total w/tax $10.90
For a total of $1.51 for a 3 Count package of Pop Tarts which is about $.50 cents a box of 3. Woohoo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Making Bread from Wayfield

Great deal on Meal and Flavoring.  I like to get stocked up for the year on flavoring during the holidays.  After the holidays the price increases and seems to never go on sale.  I have coupons and a great deal so it was time to get stocked up on flavoring.

2 Aunt Jemima Meal $1.69 ea
6 Boxes of Jiffy Corn Meal Mix $.50 ea
10 1oz Boxes of McCormick Pure Vanilla $1.99 ea

3 $3.25 off 3 McCormick Flavoring

Total w/tax $15.27
Savings of 59%

Mega Event @ Kroger

Getting all stocked up for the holidays and the months to come.  Kroger was a great place to stock up on sugar and canned milk.  I picked up the green beans to get the additional discount for purchasing 10 items in the same transaction. I see lots of oatmeal for breakfast in my winter future.

5 4lb bags of Domino Sugar $2.49ea
5 Green Giant Green Beans $.99ea
10 Cans of Carnation Milk $1.19ea
1 Package of Croissants $2.99 (Not Shown Forgot to include in picture)

2 Mega Event Savings $10
5 Domino Sugar Coupons .50 Doubled $1
5 Carnation .50 off 2 Doubled $1

Total w/tax $15.70

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reduced Gift Cards with Swag Bucks

As of November 1st, for the rest of the year the Swagbucks Swag Store will be bringing you lower prices and limitless rewards. To break it down for you, all $5 gift cards will now be 500 Swag Bucks, $10 gift cards will be 1000 Swag Bucks, $25 Gift Cards will be 2500 Swag Bucks and so on. This excludes the $5, which remains the bargain price of 450 SB.       

Now you get more bang for your (Swag) Bucks, and with your leftover Swag Bucks, you can now snag even more rewards, because our old monthly redemption limits (except the $5 Gift Card) will be gone. You’re still limited to 2 rewards per day, but you don’t have to worry about which prizes you’re redeeming, because Swagbucks just expanded your monthly SB budget!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shopping @ Staples

Well shopping at Staples has its rewards.  I purchase most of my ink at Staples for printing school work and coupons.  Being a member of the Teachers Rewards Program at Staples I earn bonus bucks for the money I spend in store.  I was able to use my rewards and store coupons to score the items above.  I also received a special offer from Staples to try these new AVANT Style pens.  I will have to write a review later to tell how well I like them and voice my opinion.  Look forward to a later review on the AVANT Style pens.
20 Rolls of Scott Bath Tissue $14.99
1 Can of Folgers Coffee $9.99
1 24 Pack of Hot Cups $2.99
1 2 pack of Avant Pens $4.00
1 $5 off $25 Office Purchase
1 $8 Rewards Bucks
1 $10 Rewards Bucks
1 $3.50 Rewards Bucks
1 $4 off Avant Pens Purchase
Total w/tax $1.76

Great Deal on Tide @ CVS

Trying to get a little caught up on supplies that are missing from my stockpile.  I am missing a lot of things so in the next few months I will be checking prices to get my stockpile stocked.  I also completed this exact transaction earlier in the week before the the half week sale restarted on Thursday.
5 Bottles of Tide $5.94ea
1 Bottle of Dawn $.99
2 $2 off 3 Purchases
1 $.75 off Dawn
1 $5 off $30 CVS Purchase
1 $10 Extra Bucks
Total w/tax $13.00 Plus I received another $10 Extra Buck

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pet Peeve

I hate to walk into a store to find that the signage is all wrong.  I was so excited when I went to Dollar General and saw a 90% sign on a table filled with items I could use.  I believe Dollar General is the worst at grouping a lot of items together and once you get to the register you find that nothing is on sale except for a few items that were included on the table. As the cashier began to scan all the items the prices were not what I expected so of course I stopped him in his tracks and pointed to the table right behind me.  Then I got the usual spill, it's not everything on the table just a few selected items with green dots.  Of course, I didn't get any of the items I had chosen, but decided to go back to the table just to see what was on sale.  There wasn't one green dot item on the table.  I guess I will not be trying to purchase clearance items at Dollar General anytime in the future.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shopping @ Publix

Not much to brag on since I took my husband to the store with me and he picked up several items that were not on the list.  My budget was $30, but we went way over.

1 Bertolli Olive Oil $3.95
1 Bag of Kraft Carmel $1.35
2 Boxes of Quaker Oats Oatmeal $2.85 BOGO
1 Hershey's Chocolate Syrup $2.69
2 Cans of Carnation Milk $1.27
6 Packs of Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.73 BOGO
1 Box of Little Debbie's Oatmeal Pies $1.79
2.70 lbs of Bananas $1.86
1 Banderita Burritos Wraps $2.17
6.18 lbs of Cabbage $4.26
2 Boxes of Cap N Crunch Cereal $4.89 BOGO
1 Pack of Pork Loin $6.50
1 Pack of Pork Loin $5.84
1 Nature's Own Wheat Bread $2.39
1 Mott's Apple Juice $1.58
4.16 lbs Yams $4.12
4 Trident Gum $4.76

6 .75 off Nestle Cookie Dough
1 .50 off Carnation Milk Doubled
2 $1 off Quaker Products

Total w/Tax $56.23
Total Savings $33.22

I'm Back

School has been so busy so I haven't had an opportunity to post the deals I've found lately.  Frankly, there hasn't been much out there to get me excited.  Well I'm back and it's getting closer to the holidays, so many food items will begin to go on sale at a huge discount and I don't want to be left out.  Let's see what we can save together in the next upcoming months and I will be sure to keep you posted. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Popcorn @ Walgreen's

Looking to stock up on popcorn, head over to Walgreen's where they have a great sale going on.  There is a double discount when you purchase ACT II popcorn.  The popcorn is on sale for BOGO free and there is also a coupon in this week's circular.  I purchased all 16 bags of popcorn for $2.06 this is including tax.  Wow, I have enough popcorn to last for a while.  Since we were introduced to the letter P this week in class I think we just may have a Popcorn Party. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amazon Credits from Swagbucks

When you snag an Gift Card from Swagbucks during the month of September, you will be rewarded with a $1 promotional credit for Amazon MP3. With over 20 million songs, they're sure to have that new song you're dying to hear again or an oldie you don't already have in your collection. Start earning reward points today and snag your Gift Card and $1 Amazon MP3 promotional credit before Sept. 30th.  I love using Amazon to purchase music for my Kindle Fire it is a great way to get music quick and easy.  I can listen to my music within minutes of purchasing it.  If you would like to earn swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards head over HERE to get started.  If you are already a member use those Swagbucks to get Amazon Gift Cards. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shopping @ Publix

I went to Publix last week to pick up items that were on sale, but the shelves were completely bare.  I went back this week and some of the items were still in limited supply, so I got what I could and I will wait on the rest of the items.  It is always good to get a rain check when the items you are looking for or out of stock. 

1 Gallon of Mayfield Milk $4.49
8 Yoplait Yogurt Rain check Price $.50
1 Florida's Natural Orange Juice $3.89
6 Lender's Bagels Rain check Price $1.95 BOGO
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread 3 for $5
2 Buittoni Pastas $2.29 BOGO
1 Loaf of Natures Own Bread $2.85

1 $.55 Mayfield Milk Coupon
1 $.50 Yoplait Coupon Doubled
1 $.55 Competitor Coupon Natures Own Bread
2 $1 off Buittoni Coupons
1 $.60 off Florida's Natural Competitor Coupon
1 $5 off $25 Competitor Coupon

Total w/Tax $ 15.87

Shopping @ Publix

I love shopping at Publix, but this trip was not so exciting after having to deal with the anti-coupon cashier.  I mean she doubled checked, tripled checked and called the manager 3 times for this transaction.  I was very patient and calm and allowed her to do what she needed to do to clear her conscious for taking my coupons.  She acted as if I was stealing or something.  When I first went through her line she was very pleasant and polite, but after going through my stack of coupons she became irritated and just plain mean.

3 Kraft Mayo and Miracle Whip $4.63 BOGO
2 Honey Comb Cereals $3.25 BOGO
3 Kraft Cheese Slices $3.29 ea
2 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $3.59 BOGO
2 Ken's Dressing $3.55 BOGO
4 Hefty Bags 3 for $5

3 Competitor Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Coupons $1 ea.
2 Manu Mayo/Miracle Whip Coupon $.50 Doubled
2 Manu Post Cereal Coupon $.50 Doubled
2 Manu $1 off Kraft Cheese Singles
1 Publix B2G1 Free Kraft Cheese Singles
2 $.75 off Competitor Oscar Meyer Coupons
1 $1 off 2 Ken's Dressing
4 $1 off Competitor Coupons for Hefty Bags
2 Manu Coupons $1 off 2 Hefty Bags
1 $5 off $25 Purchase Competitor Coupon

Total w/Tax $5.82 (I think she over scanned coupons , but since she was so mean I didn't tell her :() )
Total Savings $48.71

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A gift for the Teacher

We don't get much from students in the area where I teach, but I would say this is one of the best teacher gifts I've ever received.  One of my student's grandmother works for McCormick and they get an opportunity to purchase seasoning several times a year and she thought of me.  She brought me all of the seasoning above and it didn't cost me one cent.  I was so excited to get all of my spices and I am looking forward to cooking with all of them as soon as possible. 

Friends & Family Sunday at Party City

This Sunday Only September 16, 2012 PartyCity is having Tricks & Treats for Friends and Family.  This discount will entitle you to 30% off everything in store and online. Head over HERE to print your coupon to take advantage of this awesome discount. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shop and Earn with Swag Bucks

The Swagbucks Shop & Earn makes your online shopping more rewarding by helping you earn reward points towards free stuff for every purchase you make from over 250 different online retailers. Start shopping today and get access to special deals, discounts and coupons and save while you earn."  This is a great way to get some of the things you need without leaving your home.  Head over to Swag Bucks and get started on earning free rewards.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

$1 Amazon MP3 Credits with Swag Bucks

When you snag an Gift Card during the month of September, you will be rewarded with a $1 promotional credit for Amazon MP3. With over 20 million songs, they're sure to have that new song you're dying to hear again or an oldie you don't already have in your collection. Start earning reward points with today to snag your Gift Card and $1 Amazon MP3 promotional credit before Sept. 30th.

Swag Bucks

Wow, I just earned 29 Swag Bucks surfing the web.  If you would like to earn swag bucks head over HERE to get registered.  I use swag bucks to purchase Amazon gift cards for online purchases. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

50% off at Michaels

Michaels is currently offering a 50% coupon off a single purchase item.  The coupon is good through November 15, 2012.  Head over HERE to print your coupon. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shopping @ Publix

This was a great trip to Publix. I spent more than usual, but I actually bought meat.  I bought a lot of things to celebrate Labor Day.

1 loaf Natures Own Bread $2.50
3 Boxes of Ritz Crackers BOGO $3.09
3 Noodles $.29
3 Bottles of Heinz Ketchup BOGO $3.59
1 Bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcheshire Sauce $3.19
2 Boxes of Mueller's Pasta BOGO $1.57
8 Dixie Plates and Bowl BOGO $2.45
2 Bags of Lays Potato Chips BOGO $4.29
1 Head of Broccoli $2
1 Carton of Florida Natural Orange Juice $3.00
2 lbs of Red Grapes $1.69 lbs $3.40
Bananas $1.44
1 Pack of Publix Hot Dog Buns $.99
2 Packs of Purdue Breast Tenderloins $3.15 & $3.27
1 Pack of Chicken Drumsticks $6.35
2 Packs of Pork Spare Ribs $6.41 & $6.37

1 B1G1 Ritz Cracker Coupon -$2.50
3 .50 of Heinz Coupon (Doubled $1)
1 Free Lea Perrine's Publix Coupon -$3.19
4 $1.50 Target Dixie Coupons
1 .60 Kroger Florida Natural Coupon

Total w/tax $55.33

Saturday, September 1, 2012

30% off Half Off Depot

In honor of Labor Day Half Off Depot is offering 30% off the entire site.  Head over HERE to see what they have.  Use code labor30 at checkout.

Double Extrabucks @ CVS

CVS is increasing your opportunity to earn extra care bucks.  Starting September 19 through December 15 your points earned will double.  Instead of earning 2% you will earn 4% for purchases made in store.  The extra bucks will appear on your quarterly print out at the end of the quarter. 
DOUBLE Quarterly ExtraBucks® Rewards - Limited time only!*
Head over HERE to register your CVS card to earn the double quarterly extrabucks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

33 Swag Bucks

You've won 33 Swag Bucks
I love it when I win Swag Bucks.  I use Swag Bucks to purchase Amazon Gift Cards online.  I enjoy searching for things I'm looking for on the web by using my Swag Bucks account.  If you would like to learn too head over HERE to get started. 

Shopping @ Publix

Rushed in to Publix to grab something for dinner, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to get something that was on sale.  School has been so busy that I haven't had time to shop, so I didn't have a plan when I walked in.  I guess I did Ok for last minute, but kind of mad that I didn't plan this shop.

2 130 ct Hefty Plates 2/$5
2 Lucky Charms Cereal $3.39 BOGO
1 Clorox Bleach $2.59
2 Packs of Curry Chicken $2.97 & $3.36
1 Pack of Jerk Chicken $2.38

1 $1 off 2 Hefty Plates
2 .50 off Lucky Charms Doubled $1
1 .50 Clorox Product Doubled $1

Total w/tax $18.75

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mailbox Freebies

Dymatize bag and shake bottle 2 Packs of Protein I think my husband dranked it before I was able to get the picture.
1 Cliff Bar and BOGO Coupon
1 Lunch Bag from Frigo Cheese
1 Dish Network Hopper (Kangaroo)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


In the past we have received money to purchase supplies for our students to use in the classroom. but lately their is no money to purchase supplies.  We were told recently at my school that we would receive $75 per teacher to purchase supplies.  This includes anything we need to use with students such as paper, pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors, construction paper, and poster boards.  We can only use school supplies catalogs, so how do you stretch $75 using the expensive school supply companies.  Now if was given this same $75 in cash I could surely spread it thick, but my hands are tied to the big box suppliers. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

$5 off $25 Purchase @ OfficeMax

If you still need to pick up some school supplies head over HERE to get a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase.  This coupon is valid August 21 - August 25.

50% off Papa John's Pizza

Papa Johns is once again is offering the 50% off Regular Menu price deal. Head over to Papa John's Online Ordering system to take advantage of this great deal. Just enter TAYLOR50 on the special offers page. This code is good through August 26, 2102. Save the delivery fee by rushing over and picking this great deal up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shopping @ Publix

Well I was a little proud of my Publix shopping.  I was able to get a variety of things to create some lunches for the kids and some other items to add to the stockpile.  This trip was worth getting caught in the rain. 

6 Bottles of Prego Spaghetti Sauce $2.05 BOGO
13 Bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent $1.49
4 Boxes of Jingo Snack Crackers $2.99 BOGO
2 Strawberry Mott's Applesauce $2.35
2 Boxes of Glad Sandwich Bags $1.89
3 Michelina's Meals $1.00
1 Loaf of Nature's Own Bread $2.50
2 Mott's Snack and Go $2
2 French's Worcestershire Sauce .99
1 Box of Debbie's Oat Meal Pies $1.25
2 International Delights Creamers $2.50
1 Coffee Mate Creamer $1.67
2 Boxes of Taco Bell Dinner Kits $3.09 BOGO
1 Bottle Pantene Conditioner $3.49
1 Bottle Pantene Shampoo $3.49
1 Can Pantene Hair Spray $3.49
1 Tube of Aquafresh Toothpaste $1
1 Dozen Large Eggs $1.89
2 Packs of Chips AHoy Cookies $2.99 BOGO
Bananas $1.14
Red Grapes $3.04

3 .50 off 2 Prego Coupons (Doubled $1)
13 .50 off Dawn Detergent (Doubled $1)
13 .25 off Dawn Target  Competitor Coupon
4 $1 off Jingo Coupons
1 free Mott's To Go Publix Coupon
1 .55 Glad Coupon
1 $1 off 2 Glad Target  Competitor Coupon
2 $1 off Mott's Coupons
2 .40 off French's Worchestshire Coupons (Doubled .80)
1 Free International Delights Coupon
1 .55 off International Delights Coupon
1 .55 off Coffee Mate Cream Coupon
1 $3 off 2 Pantene Coupon
1 Free Pantene Styler Publix Coupon
1 $1 off Aquafresh Target Competitor Coupon
1 Free Dozen Eggs Kroger Competitor Coupon
2 $1 off Chips Ahoy Publix Coupons
1 $1 off 2 Nabisco Coupon

Total w/tax $35.42 I messed up a little bit I could have had another free bottle of Pantene shampoo with the B3G1 Deal. 

Total Saved $77.55

Sunday AJC @ Publix

Looking to save on the AJC stop by your local Publix to purchase 1 Sunday AJC and receive an additional 1 for 1 cent. They are bound with the Publix green and white security covering. 

Dollar Tree Accepting Coupons 8/26

Just when you thought you couldn't use coupons everywhere Dollar Tree steps up to the plate.  Beginning August 26, 2012 Dollar Tree will begin taking manufacture coupons.  All Dollar Tree items are $1, so imagine the deals you will be able to find. 

**They will not take BOGO free coupons
**They will not take any FREE coupons or coupons that require associates to write in the amount of purchase
**No retailer retailer specific coupons such as; Walmart, Target, Publix
**Coupons must be presented at time of purchase.
**Coupons can’t be redeemed for more than the value of the product.
Some stores may not start taking coupons until September, so check your local store for details.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lost Coupons

Update: I called Publix and they found my coupons I left.  Gotta Love Publix!

How do you feel when you loose or misplace coupons you plan on using?  Well I will tell you how this makes me feel.  I have lost or misplaced one of my coupon sleeves that contained some great coupons in it.  It even contained some free coupons for Clorox wipes, coffee creamer and Nathans Hot Dogs.  It also housed my $5 off $25 dollar competitor coupons that I use at Publix. I realized the sleeve was missing about a day ago and I have been looking high and low trying to find it.  I've looked in the car, in the pantry where I keep the grocery bags, in drawers, basically in every room of the house.  I plan to call the two stores I visited the last time I used them tomorrow, but tonight I will go to bed depressed.  I hate to lose anything, but when I lose coupons it's like loosing a pocket full of money. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amazon Deal of the Day

UPDATE:  The laminator is now $25.33, so it will ship free with Super Saving Shipping.

If your school has cut back on lamination you may want to pick up this great laminator at Amazon.  The personal laminator is great for small items you want to cherish for a while.  I know as teachers we want to laminate everything, so to have one at your fingertips is awesome.  Head over HERE to purchase a Scotch Thermal Laminator with 12 pouches.  The purchase price is $24.99, but to qualify for free shipping you will need to add something inexpensive to your cart to qualify for free super saving shipping at $25. 

20% off @ Staples

Looking to purchase more school supplies for the year head over HERE to print a coupon good for 20% off any one item.  Some exclusions will apply.  The coupon is good in store until August 18, 2012. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

28% off @ Half Off Depot

Half Off Depot is celebrating back to school with 28% off everything today only!  Head over HERE to get your deal. Use code BACK28 at checkout.