Sunday, April 28, 2013


I am proud of this trip to Target.  I was able to finally purchase something for myself instead of my two daughters.  My total before coupons was $86.80.  After coupons $19.04 pretty good shopping.   

2 Champion TShirts $6
9 Bounce Fabric Sheets $1.97
1 Bar of Olay Soap $.97
1 Can Pringles $1.25
1 Bag of Pretzel Crisps $2.50
2 Cans Schick Shaving Gel $2.54
2 Schick Razors $7.21
2 Schick Hydro Razors $8.06
2 Pairs of Flip Flops $2.50
2 Pair of Earrings $2.38
1 Jewelry Box $3.76

2 $3 off Target Champion Coupons
3 $3 off 3 Target Bounce Coupons
3 $3 off 3 Bounce P&G Coupons
1 $1 off Olay Coupon
1 $1 off Pretzel Crisp Coupon
2 $4.30 free Shaving Cream with Schick Shavers Purchase Coupon Scanned $4.30 $1.76 profit each
2 $3 off Target Schick Hydro Coupons
2 $3 off Schick Hydro Manu Coupons
2 $4 off Schick Manu Coupons
1 $5 off Target Schick Coupon
2 $2 off Target Flip Flop Coupons

Total w/tax $19.04
Total Savings $80.66


I ran into Kroger to get 50% off bread and in the end came out with all of the items above.  I think there is a coupon available for the Ken's dressing, but I picked these items up without planning.  Shopping without planning cost you dollars and cents. 
2 Natures Own Honey Wheat Bread 50% off  $1.64
2 Ken's Salad Dressing $1.79 (my son's favorite)
2 Colgate Toothpaste $1
2 Colgate Toothbrushes $1
1 Bag of Lay's Potato Chips $2.50
1 Pack of Kroger chicken legs $5.22
1 Pack of Orbit Gum $1 (for my daughter who kept asking for gum)
2 $.50 off coupons for Colgate Toothbrushes Doubled
2 $.75 off coupons for Colgate Toothpaste
Total w/tax $16.76 


Wow! I haven't had this much fun shopping at Publix in a while.  I was able to get so many bargains for such a little price.  It would have been a lot easier if I didn't have my teenage daughter in my ear every 2 min wanting to add items to my buggy.  My famous saying to her is "did you bring a coupon for it?"  When the answer is no the answer from me is wait until you can find a coupon.  I was able to pick up some of the things she needed in a previous Aldi's fruit post.  I could have done so much better on the rice.  I could have even got enough to give away, but I left the remaining coupons in Publix (for someone else to use) went to Kroger where they were marked 1.09.  I could have gotten them 9 cents a bag :).

2 Boxes of Quaker Cap'N Crunch 50% off $4.89
2 Mott Strawberry Applesauce $2.00ea
10 Motrin 4 ct. $1.09ea (Money Maker)
4 Dawn Dish Detergents $1.49ea
5 Right Guard Deodorants $3.15 BOGO
4 Ivory Bar Soap $1.39ea
2 Texas Toast Croutons $.99ea
4 Cartons of Smart Balance Milk $2.50ea
1 Carton Silk Soy Milk $3
2 Publix Chocolate Milk $1.59ea
5 Kraft Shredded Cheese $4.99ea
1 Bag Lay's Potato Chips $2.15
2 Publix Large Eggs $1.50
5 Bags of Mahatma Rice $1.29
2 Quaker Chocolate Covered Bars 50% off $2.99
2 Quaker Smores Bars 50% off $2.99
1 Folgers Coffee $3
1 Jar of Nutella $3.50

3 $5 off Competitor Coupons
2 .75 off Target Coupons for Quaker Cereal
2 $1.10 off Motts Applesauce
10 $2 off Motrin Coupons .91 cents money maker each Woohoo
4 $.50 off Target Dawn Coupons
4 $.25 off Dawn Manu Coupons
3 $1.50 of Right Guard Coupons
1 $2 off Right Guard Coupon
4 $.50 off Ivory Coupons
2 $.40 Texas Toast Coupons
4 $1.50 off Smart Balance Coupons
1 $.60 off Silk coupon
1 $10 Publix Kraft Coupon
1 $1 off Target Coupon for 2 dz eggs
5 $.50 off Mahatma Rice coupons
2 $1 off 2 Target Quaker Coupons
1 $1 off Nutealla Coupon

All Manufacture Coupons $.50 and below Doubled

Total w/tax $29.34
Total Savings of $129.72

Free Mouthwash @ CVS

I guess these will do for the total cost of FREE after Extra Bucks.  I like Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash, it gives you the protection you need without the sting. 

2 Crest Pro Health $2.99

2 $1.50 off Manufacture Coupons

Total w/tax $3.40, but received $4 Extra Care Bucks
So actually FREE with a $.60 profit.

Fresh Fruit at Aldi's

I don't know if you know it, but Aldi's has great prices on fresh fruit.  I can always go to Aldi's to find great fruit at a great price.  I will have to say you have to be selective of the fruit you choose to make sure it is not molding or going bad.  I have had some rare occasions where I have passed on what they had to offer.  Overall, great place to purchase fruit and veggies at a discounted price.

1 Container Black Berries $1.69
1 Bag of Mandarin Oranges $3.29
2 Container of Strawberries $.99
1 Bag of Red Grapes $2.99
1 Pineapple $.99
1 Box of Fruit leather $1.99
1 Bag of Sweet Potato Chips $1.99

Total w/tax $15.37 Not Bad for Fresh Fruit

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swag Bucks

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More Swag Bucks, I've been saving Swag Bucks so that I can purchase a nice item for my daughter's graduation.  If you have a special event that you want to save up for head over here and get started earning Swag Bucks. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saving @ Publix

Picking up a few necessary items we needed at the house.  Not a big shopping trip, but a much needed one.  Milk and snacks are a staple at our house, so we must keep these items on hand. 
2 Bags Ruffles Chips BOGO $4.29
1 Box Nabisco Wheat Thins $2.25
1 Publix Greenwise Paper Towels .1 Penny Item
1 Pack of Shower Caps $1.39
1 Pack of Bobby Pins $.65
4 3packs of Zest Bar Soap $2.07
1 Carton Silk Soy Milk $3.00
1 Gallon Mayfield Milk $4.49
1 Bag of Pretzel Crisp $1.65
1 Medium Fruit Salad $2.74
6 Cover Girl Eye Shadows BOGO $2.99
4 .50 off Zest Soap Doubled
1 .55 off Mayfield Milk
3 $3 off 2 Cover Girl Products
1 $5 off Competitor Coupon
Total w/Tax $21.03

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wow Big Swag Bucks

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I love Swag Bucks.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wal-Mart Run

I really don't like going to Wal-Mart unless I really have to.  I went to CVS for cans of Salmon and they didn't have them, so I had to head to Wal-Mart to get some salmon, because I really had a taste for it.  That's not good either to walk in a store with a craving.  I was also going to price match the price that CVS had on Bumble Bee Salmon for 2 for $5, but Wal-Mart doesn't carry that brand so I bought Double Q at $2.98 a can.  I was able to make up the difference with the Neutrogena bars.  I had my sell flyers in the card, but didn't think to look at them I could have saved $.70 if I had price matched the Ruffles and Oat Meal pies.  They were both on sale at Kroger this week.  Just think I went in only for the salmon. 

10 Bars of Neutrogena Face Soap $1.97
2 McCormick Seasoning Packs $1.50
1 Box of Lil Debbies Oat Meal Pies $1.70
1 Bag of Ruffles Chips $2.98
2 Cans of Double Q salmon $2.98
1 Bag of Trident Gum $2.50

5 $5 off 2 Neutrogena Bars
1 $.50 off Trident Gum

Total w/tax $12.20

Great Price on Mitchum @ CVS

Quick run to CVS to pick up the Bumble Bee Salmon that is on sale for 2 for $5, but they didn't have a can in sight. I didn't want to waste my trip so I decided to pick up these two containers of Mitchum deodorants for my husband.  He has taken a liking for this brand.  I couldn't beat the price of $1 because it normally sells for $5.19.  The women brands are also on sale. 

2 Mitchum Deodorants $1.99

2 $1 off Mitchum Coupons

Total w/tax $2.26

Saturday, April 6, 2013

$.25 Magic Erasers at Staples

Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Duo, 4/Pack
  • 2 in 1 for tough cleaning and everyday wiping
  • 4 erasers per box
  • Easily and thoroughly breaks up tough dirt with just water alone

Head over here to Staples to get Mr. Clean Magic Erasers 4 count for .99 plus tax delivered to your door if you are a Staples Rewards member.  If not, you can have them ship to a store near you for free.  The price is $2.99, but a coupon will be added to deduct $2 when you check out.  This is great for a $5 Savings. 

Shopping @ CVS

I had a few minutes to waste while my husband got a hair cut and since CVS was right around the corner I thought why not go in to see what I could buy.  I didn't plan this purchase at all so there were some hick-ups that I could have avoided if I had put some planning in place. 

I had 2 Almay Make-Up Cleaning wipes included in the transaction, but the register nor the cashier would approve my $5 off 2 Almay Cosmetics Products. :((  I should have waited on the Wet and Wild products, I was only buying them to satisfy my coupon $4 off $12 Cosmetic Purchase.  The cashier removed my coupon when she took the Almay products off.  In addition a coupon for $1 off is in the 4/7 Sunday's paper for Wet and Wild products oh well my daughter will enjoy them since she picked them out. 

2 Boxes of Rice Krispies $1.99 (No Coupons, but didn't have any Rice Krispies at home)
2 Crest Mouth Wash $3.49
3 Bic Shavers $4.19
2 Reynolds Wrap $2
1 Wet and Wild Nail Polish $1.50
1 Wet and Wild Lipstick $.99

$3 Extra Buck
$1 Extra Buck
1 20% CVS Coupon
1 CVS MFR Coupon $4 (But I think it adjusted some how because of the cosmetic purchase)
3 $3 off Bic Coupons
2 $.75 off Reynolds Coupons
2 $1.50 Crest Mouth Wash Coupons

Total w/tax $7.21 and I received a $2 Extra Buck for the Crest Mouth Wash

Clearance @ Target

If you are in the market for some discounted Easter candy head over to Target where they have marked their Easter candy down 50% off.  It's not as cheap as I like to buy it, so I plan on waiting another couple of days before I buy some.  The Black Dot Dollar Spot is also marked down 70% off.  Take a ride to your nearest Target to snatch up some great deals.  My Target also had a ton of command strips on sale, so if you are in the need for them check your end caps. 

Free Soap @ WalMart

Well I found a great deal on another item to add to my college baskets that I will make next month.  I went out to WalMart to find 12 bars of the Olay soap.  Of course, my son, my daughter and I had to do 3 separate transactions to get all 12 bars, but for the price we paid it was well worth it.  I plan to check another store tomorrow to see how many I can acquire.  I will also try to pick some up at the Dollar Tree. 

12 Bars of Olay Soap $.97

12 $1 off Olay Coupons

Total w/Tax $.45 Soap was free, but you have to pay Uncle Sam.  Taxes Only

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shopping @ Target

I enjoyed my trip to Target today, but now that my spring break is over I guess my visits will be limited. They were moving things around, so there were a lot of clearance items to be find.  If you are interested in finding some good bargains I suggest you get to Target soon.

12 boxes of Bounce 34 ct $1.97
1 Bottle of Cleaner $2.08
4 Easter Containers $.59 ea.
1 Easter Bag of Cotton Candy $.50
3 Packs of Easter Pencils $.30 (Dollar Section Black Dot 70% off )
1 Command Hook $1.78 (Sticker said $.88, so this will be a return)
1 Pair of Crystal Ear Rings $3.98
1 Cutting Board $2.98
1 pack of Iced Cookies $1.48 (Not Shown My daughter took them before I snapped the picture.)

4 $3 off Bounce Manufacture Coupons
2 $3 off Bounce Target Coupons
3 $1.50 off Bounce Target Coupons

Total w/tax $21.84

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

22 more Swag Bucks

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Almost Free Fabric Sheets at Target

Well I almost got Bounce fabric sheets for free.  Actually, many of them were free.  They would have all been free if I had the newest coupons available.  I was ready to score a great deal of them last week before the P&G coupons expired, but could never find them in the stores (I checked about 4 stores for a week).  Finally, when I find them I only had 3 $3 manufacture coupons so I had to use the other coupons to make up the difference.  I am still pleased with my purchase.  I also bought Thank You cards for my daughters graduation. 

12 Boxes of Bounce Fabric Sheets (Used to fill college baskets I will make soon) $1.97
3 packs of Thank You Cards $1.13
1 Bag of Bugles $1 (co-worker had these last week, tried them had to have more)

4 $3 off 3 Target Tide Bounce Coupons
3 $3 off 3 Manufacture Tide Bounce Coupons
1 $1.50 off 2 Manufacture Tide Bounce Coupon
1 $.40 off 1 Manufacture Tide Bounce Coupon

Total w/tax $6.21