Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Almost Free Fabric Sheets at Target

Well I almost got Bounce fabric sheets for free.  Actually, many of them were free.  They would have all been free if I had the newest coupons available.  I was ready to score a great deal of them last week before the P&G coupons expired, but could never find them in the stores (I checked about 4 stores for a week).  Finally, when I find them I only had 3 $3 manufacture coupons so I had to use the other coupons to make up the difference.  I am still pleased with my purchase.  I also bought Thank You cards for my daughters graduation. 

12 Boxes of Bounce Fabric Sheets (Used to fill college baskets I will make soon) $1.97
3 packs of Thank You Cards $1.13
1 Bag of Bugles $1 (co-worker had these last week, tried them had to have more)

4 $3 off 3 Target Tide Bounce Coupons
3 $3 off 3 Manufacture Tide Bounce Coupons
1 $1.50 off 2 Manufacture Tide Bounce Coupon
1 $.40 off 1 Manufacture Tide Bounce Coupon

Total w/tax $6.21