Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shopping @ CVS

I had a few minutes to waste while my husband got a hair cut and since CVS was right around the corner I thought why not go in to see what I could buy.  I didn't plan this purchase at all so there were some hick-ups that I could have avoided if I had put some planning in place. 

I had 2 Almay Make-Up Cleaning wipes included in the transaction, but the register nor the cashier would approve my $5 off 2 Almay Cosmetics Products. :((  I should have waited on the Wet and Wild products, I was only buying them to satisfy my coupon $4 off $12 Cosmetic Purchase.  The cashier removed my coupon when she took the Almay products off.  In addition a coupon for $1 off is in the 4/7 Sunday's paper for Wet and Wild products oh well my daughter will enjoy them since she picked them out. 

2 Boxes of Rice Krispies $1.99 (No Coupons, but didn't have any Rice Krispies at home)
2 Crest Mouth Wash $3.49
3 Bic Shavers $4.19
2 Reynolds Wrap $2
1 Wet and Wild Nail Polish $1.50
1 Wet and Wild Lipstick $.99

$3 Extra Buck
$1 Extra Buck
1 20% CVS Coupon
1 CVS MFR Coupon $4 (But I think it adjusted some how because of the cosmetic purchase)
3 $3 off Bic Coupons
2 $.75 off Reynolds Coupons
2 $1.50 Crest Mouth Wash Coupons

Total w/tax $7.21 and I received a $2 Extra Buck for the Crest Mouth Wash

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