Monday, December 24, 2012

$105 at Publix

I was very impressed with my shopping today at Publix.  I was able to purchase all of the food above for $105 after using coupons.  This food will go along way.  All I have to do is add some meat and I am set for a couple of months.  I purchased 99 items at .94 cents per item.  Not bad considering I have some high valued items included in this transaction.   
2 24 packs of Coke Products
3 Jars of Kraft Mayo
2 5lb bags of Domino Sugar
1 Stalk of celery
1 Gallon of Publix Tea
2 Jars of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce
1 Pack of Sanitary Napkins
2 Cans of Niagara Spray Starch
1 bag of Lays Chips
2 Edwards Pies
1 Box of Clementines Oranges
4 Cans of Glory Greens and Beans
2 5lbs Gold Medal Flour
1 Package of Hummus
1 Quart of Buttermilk
2 Gallons of Mayfield Milk
1 Can of Reddi Whip Cream
4 Blocks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
4 Cans of Hunts Tomato Sauce
3 Cans of Swanson Broth
2 Containers of Smucker's Jelly
3 Packages of Kraft Cheese
4 Containers of Breakstone Sour Cream
2 Boxes of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
4 Packages of Knorr Pasta Sides
6 Packages of Trident Gum
1 Package of Nathans Beef Hot Dogs
1 Family 4 Pack of Marie Callender's Pot Pies
1 Dozen of Eggs
1 Package of Pimento Cheese
2 Stouffer's Family Lasagna
1 Bottle of Pom Juice
2 Bottles of Nestle Bliss Cream
9 Packages and Boxes of Idahoan Potatoes
2 Red Food Colors
1 Package of Pita Bread
4 Packages of King's Hawaiian 12 count rolls
4 Bottles of Kraft Salad Dressing
2 Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow
2 3pack Cake Pans
1 64 oz CranGrape Juice by Ocean Spray
4 Boxes of Quaker Silla Bars

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