Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shopping @ Publix

I went to Publix last week to pick up items that were on sale, but the shelves were completely bare.  I went back this week and some of the items were still in limited supply, so I got what I could and I will wait on the rest of the items.  It is always good to get a rain check when the items you are looking for or out of stock. 

1 Gallon of Mayfield Milk $4.49
8 Yoplait Yogurt Rain check Price $.50
1 Florida's Natural Orange Juice $3.89
6 Lender's Bagels Rain check Price $1.95 BOGO
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread 3 for $5
2 Buittoni Pastas $2.29 BOGO
1 Loaf of Natures Own Bread $2.85

1 $.55 Mayfield Milk Coupon
1 $.50 Yoplait Coupon Doubled
1 $.55 Competitor Coupon Natures Own Bread
2 $1 off Buittoni Coupons
1 $.60 off Florida's Natural Competitor Coupon
1 $5 off $25 Competitor Coupon

Total w/Tax $ 15.87

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