Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stepping Out of the Box

I recently purchased Publix yogurt because it was on sale for 25cents a cup. I normally never by store brand yogurt but for 25cents I thought I couldn't go wrong.  Wow to my surprise the Publix yogurt was awesome.  Now I still have to get this by my picky eaters, but in my opinion it is as good as the big guys.  This is my personal opinion and I wasn't compensated for my thoughts.  If you are intersted hurry out to stock up, because it is really good.  I tried the fruit on the bottom strawberry lowfat yogurt. 


  1. The peach yogurt is very good. It's sweet and tastes better than most peach yogurts.

    1. Thanks TB I am glad you agree. Publix yogurt is a great tasting yogurt and don't forget it is on sale until after Easter for 25 cents.