Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great Deal on Cokes and Chocolate

Two of my favorite things to have on hand Coke products and Chocolate.  I was able to go to CVS and work a great deal with some extrabucks I had accumulated over the last couple of weeks.  My family is a big fan (Family Addiction) of Reese's cup, so we have to have them in the house at all times. 

4 12 packs of Coke products 4/$10
5 bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent .99ea
4 bags of Hershey's Chocolate $2.50 ea
1 3ct box of Depends (To be Donated) $3.99

$2 off CVS coupon for Easter purchase
$2 off coupon for Hershey purchase
5 .50 cents off Dawn Coupons
$2 off CVS Depends Coupon
$2 off Depends Manu Coupon
2 $5 Extrabuck
1 $5.99 Extrabuck

Total OOP $3.38

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