Friday, April 6, 2012

Shopping @ Dirtcheap in Alabama

OK there is this store called Dirtcheap in Brewton, Alabama where you can go to find junk.  Yes that's what I call it junk.  Many times it is good junk, but it is stuff that gets sent back from Target stores around the country.  You can sometimes find some good things here, but it takes some looking to do this.  You also have to know what's a bargain and what is not.  I found only 3 things that I could find a good use for.  I purchased a Clemson lunch bag for my coworker, a French Calendar for my daughter to decorate her walls, and a cover for a calculator I found at a thrift store. They had a lot of things I could have put in my treat box, but at 50 cents each I can do better, so I left them in the store.  I would like to say that the cashier I had was very rude.  I made two purchases and she didn't say thank you once.  She also turned around and begin talking to her co-workers before I finished at the register. 

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