Monday, April 2, 2012

RCA products SUCK!!!

When I purchased my home I purchased 2 RCA TVs at the same time.  When the small TV went out in February of 2012 I didn't think much about it.  I just assumed that the TV had done all that it could do and that was the end.  I accepted the TV not working, but a month later the big screen RCA TV went out.  These TV are programmed to go out in a given amount of time.  This is a horrible thing to do to a consumer.   You purchase a product thinking that it will last you a while and they both go out within months of each other.  I will never ever in life buy another RCA product.  I have a Sanyo TV that my husband and I bought 16 years ago and it works perfectly.  The 2 RCA products went out with less than 6 years of service.  Now I have to decide whether to purchase new TVs or have a repairman to come out and repair them.  The parts for these TV start at $100 and rise.  I am so disappointed in RCA and wanted to share my feelings with anyone who would listen.  

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