Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free Scott at CVS

Getting stocked up on the paper we so desperately will need to get us through the summer.  I try to stock up on these items so I don't have to purchase them during the summer months. We love Scott products so to get all this for FREE was awesome.  Of course, I had to do some work to get everything for Free but it was worth the time.

2 Scott Paper Towels  $5.48
2 Scott Toilet Paper $7.48
6 Packs of Dentyne Gum $1.59 BOGO

2 .75 off Scott Paper Towels coupons
2 .75 off Scott Toilet Paper Coupons
1 .25 off Scott Toilet Paper Coupon
1 $5 Extra Buck
1 $1 Extra Buck

Total w/Tax $28.71
4 $5 Gift Cards (Earned from Viggle) Get Gift Cards for Watching TV
1 $8.71 Gift Card

I also earned a $10 Extra Buck, so actually I made money on this deal.  Yey Me!!

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