Sunday, August 12, 2012

Schools without Money

Are you hearing the phrase NO MONEY around your school? Every meeting we have attended during pre-planning started off with WE HAVE NO MONEY. We have no money for school supplies, lamination, bulletin board paper, poster maker, trainings; we have no money for anything. Frankly, I don't know what we are supposed to do without the necessary items we need to teach. We have also been told that students are not to write in some of the consumable books. Ok I think that's going too far. I can remember when I started teaching over 10 years ago that we were given all the supplies we needed for the year at the beginning of the school year with a possibility for more once the year progressed. Then we went to the school would give us a $200 budget to spend on items we needed for the classroom. Now it's down to we didn't get anything. I have always been fund of shopping for school supplies for my classroom, but now I feel like I am in this all alone. It wouldn't matter if I worked in an area where students had support at home to get the supplies they need, but in my school that is not the case. These students need school supplies to be productive in school. My question to you is what is your school asking you to do without?

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