Monday, July 9, 2012

Stocking Up on Soap

My daughters and I went to Walgreen's to stock up on soap.  I have to make some going off to college baskets, so these will be perfect for doing that.  We did 3 different transactions to utilize the Ivory soap coupons (4 per transaction). 

12 3ct bars of Ivory Soap .99 cents
9 Bars of Dove Soap 5 for $5
2 Bottles of Nice Nail Polish Remover BOGO 50% off  $1..50 cents
2 Packs of Nice Pistachio Nuts BOGO 50% off .99 cents/.49 cents

12 $1 Ivory Soap Coupons
4 $1.50 off 2 Dove Coupons

Total all 3 Transactions 2/tax $7.47 Not Bad
Technically $4 for 45 Bars of Dove and Ivory Soap appox 9 cents a bar.

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