Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A much needed trip to the Farmer's Market

We needed to make a run to the Farmer's Market to get some fresh fruit and veggies to prepare for the start of school and cooking everyday. 

6 Organic Bananas
6 Roma Tomatoes
2 Heads of Romaine Lettuce
3 Broccoli Crowns
8 Apples
2 Bell Peppers
1 Cucumber
1 Bag of Potatoes
1 Bag of Onions
1 Package of Strawberries
1 Bag of Carrots
1 lb of Cherries
1 1/2 lbs Green Grapes
1 lb Red Grapes
1 Dozen Cage Free Eggs
8 Chicken Sausages

Total w/tax $40.87 This should help us to prepare a couple of meals. 

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