Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Price Matching @ Walmart

Wow, I like price matching at Walmart.  I went to Walmart with ads in hand to get the same deal from Kroger and Aldi's at Walmart.  It saves me a trip to be able to shop at one location.  Gas is so High with price matching I don't have to drive as far. 


2 dozen large eggs $1 Kroger
2 Packs of Oscar Meyer Bologna $1.25 Kroger
2 Hostess Cupcakes 50% off at Kroger $1.49
3 boxes of Hot Pockets 3 for $5 Kroger
1 Watermelon $2.99 Aldi's
1 16oz strawberries $.99 Aldi's
3 peaches Walmart price $1.18lb total .80 cents

Total w/tax $17.76
I love price matching, now I don't have to travel as far.

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