Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fresh Fruit and Veggies at the Farmer's Market

My husband insists we drive 45 minutes just about every Sunday to get fresh fruit and vegetables at the Farmer's Market.  He loves going to the market, but it is not my favorite place to go.  I just feel that I can do so much better with the prices at the SuperMarket.  Of course, it may not be as fresh and may have had to travel further but the long ride bothers me.  Duh, Gas is High (well it's dropping so I will not complain). 

1 Seedless Watermelon $5.99
1 Pineapple $2.99
2 Roma Tomatoes $.68
1 Dozen Cage Free Eggs $2.69
5 Organic Bananas $1.75
4 Broccoli Crowns $3.50
6 Pieces of Squash $2.48
11/2 lbs of Cherries $3.20

Total w/tax $23.89

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