Friday, June 22, 2012

Buy Theirs Try Ours @ Publix

Last night I noticed that we were out of Soy Sauce, so I called my husband and asked him to pick up a bottle on his way home.  He called me once he got to the car and said that Publix has this great deal that I bet you didn't know about.  He stated "a lot of people know about it, but you may not."  He wouldn't tell me about it until he got home.  I was worried because he always drop of the price radar when shopping for groceries.  I was anxiously awaiting his arrival when he came home with these two bottles of Soy Sauce, one Kikkoman and one Publix brand.  He said I got the Publix brand for FREE.  I told him I know all about the buy ours try theirs promotion.  He was so excited that we opened both bottles to taste the difference.  They both actually taste the same.  I would consider buying Publix brand in the future if I don't have a coupon for Kikkoman. 

1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce $2.99
1 Publix Brand Soy Sauce $2.19

Buy Theirs Try Ours -$2.19

Total w/tax $3.08

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