Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taco Bell Off Limits


Before my daughter became so concerned about the meat Taco Bell uses I would eat their nachos all the time.  So lately after her discovery Taco Bell has been off the radar as a  place for us to eat.  Just a little background information my family loves to eat out, but if we have a bad experience with a restaurant we permanently don't support that establishment anymore.  OK long story short I had a taste for nachos and Taco Bell was the closest place I could find.  I ordered 1 nachos supreme without meat.  In place of the meat I asked if I could have extra cheese the cashier said no and told me the extra cheese would cost .54 cents, I declined.  Then I asked how much would jalapenos be to add to the nachos, once again I was told .54 cents.  How do you charge .54 cents for jalapenos on nachos why aren't they included?  I know the economy is bad and restaurants are charging for every condiment, but .54 cents seemed to be a little extreme for me.  Well here's to say it will be a while before I stop at Taco Bell again. It's safe to say that I will be contacting the company to voice my opinion of offering jalapenos with nachos. 

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