Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shopping @ Publix

Sometimes I get angry at myself when I rush to make a purchase to try to beat the sale end date.  I really enjoy shopping at Publix, but I get so mad at myself when I don't save as much as possible.  It is important for me to save all I can because we truly don't have the extra money to give away.  I had a $1 off Nabisco coupon, but forgot to use it :(.  This happens to me often when I don't take the time to plan as I should. 


2 bags of Lays Chips $4.29 BOGO
2 boxes Quaker Chewy Bars $2.99 BOGO
2 8oz cups of Breakstone Sour Cream $1.65 BOGO
2 packages of Nabisco cookies $6.49 BOGO
1 Hefty lasagna pan $1.99 BOGO
1 Gallon Mayfield Milk $5.29
1 French's Spicy Mustard $1.00
1 Lawry's Lemon Pepper seasoning $3.29
1 Publix Sub $7.49
1 jar of Newman's Corn Salsa $2.00

1 $5 off $30 Competitor Coupon (The Fresh Market)
1 $1 off 2 bags of Lays Potato Chips
1 .75 cents of  2 Quaker Chewy Bars
1 $1 off Lawry's Seasoning Publix Gathering Booklet
1 $1 off Publix Hefty EZ Foil Pan
1 50 cents French's Brown Mustard Doubled

Total OOP w/tax $28.01
Total Savings $28.49

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