Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cereal at Rite Aid

My family loves cereal.  We eat cereal for breakfast, dinner and snack.  So anytime I can get cereal at a great price I go for it.  This will get us saved up and ready for the summer. 

3 boxes of Frosted Flakes
3 boxes of Pops
2 boxes of Pop Tarts
1 box of Rice Krispies Treat

2 $1 off 3 boxes of Kelloggs Cereal
2 .50 cents off Pop Tarts Coupon

Total $18.58 before tax and coupons
Used $4 Rite Aid Cash
Total after Coupons and Tax $11.58 in addition received $6 dollars for future visit
So Actually $5.58 for 9 Breakfast and Snack Items .62 cents per item

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