Saturday, March 17, 2012

A time to Vent

I love couponing and have been a couponer for life.  I was the average carry a coupon booklet with inserts and pick up the things I absolutely needed, but now I try to live by a different creed.  Lately, I find myself not being able to find the best deals possible.  I may find one or two things that will make it worth going out, but many times I find that the deals are getting rather hard to find.  I am not complaining for I do save on some of the many things I use daily, but with the changing times I need more bargains.  Everything has increased in price even the gas alone it takes to go to the store has been a little disturbing.  I guess I just needed to share what's on my mind.  My husband says I shouldn't complain about things I have no control over, but I just couldn't help it.  Post your comments with finding deals and the gas it takes to get them. Does it balance out?


  1. Love the picture and it is so true!

  2. Yes, I am ready to start walking to work. I will have to leave at 4am, but gas is crazy.