Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Price You Pay for a Movie

My teens are Hunger Game Fans, so of course they wanted to rush out to see the movie as soon as it was out.  I admit I am not an opening weekend movie buff.  I decided to give in and have a family night at the movie.  We tried to go earlier in the day and do a matinee, but it didn't work out that way ($8.50 each).  We finally got to the movies late in the evening and had to pay regular price ouch!  The tickets were $11 each times 5 (total $55).  That wasn't all my kids decided that they couldn't see the movie without popcorn, so after a trip to the concession stand where we spent another $40 I was not to happy to be out watching a movie.  When it is all said and done we all had a great time, but to the tune of $95. I think that is too much.  What is your limit?  How much do you spend when you take the family out to a movie and what do you do to cut down on the cost?

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