Monday, February 27, 2012

The Worst Day for a Couponer

Well the worst day for a couponer was today for me.  I work with a lot of small children who are very, very busy.  I took my lunch time today to cut and organize my coupons for a deal I planned to work at Publix this afternoon.  I went to my after school job and doubled checked to make sure I had all my coupons and made sure I was ready to go.  OK my after school students are constantly busy talking and moving around.  I tried to keep them quiet so that I could focus on my plan.  During the clean-up process I gathered the paper I was throwing away along with coupons that had expired.  I left the school and headed to Publix and arrived in the parking lot.  I got out the car, searched my bag only to find that I didn't have any of the coupons I had clipped for my deal.  Then I realized that I had thrown them out with the unwanted trash at school.  Boy was I so mad, but I could only laugh to hide the pain.  I didn't let that stop me I went into Publix held my head high and searched for deals I could make with store coupons and whatever coupons I had in my purse.  I was able to make a good deal, but not the one I had planned.  Oh well here's to a great couponing day at Publix.  Never give up you can always save some M-O-N-E-Y.  I will post what I scored a little later.  Leave a comment to let me know what you do when your plan doesn't come together.  How do you make a bad plan a good one?

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