Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kindle Fire deal @ Walmart

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I l-o-v-e love it.  I can search the web, play games, read books, and many other things that I like to do in my spare time.  It is great for people on the go.  If you need a small device to keep in your purse to occupy some of your wait time the Kindle Fire is the way to go.  Walmart is currently offering a $50 gift card on a Kindle Fire purchase of $199.  The Kindle Fire sells for $199 on Amazon so this is a great way to get a gift for yourself and have money left over to purchase some groceries and other things you need around the house.  This deal is only good at Walmart store location and is good until February 14th.  Sounds like a great Valentine's Gift. 
Belkin Kindle Fire 2 Pack Clear Protective Screen Overlay w/ Cleaning Cloth - Lifetime Warranty

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