Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kroger Shopping

I found a few great deals at Kroger.  My husband loves Tide and washes clothes everyday, so we go through quite a bit of Tide.  I like Tide, but sometimes use other brands to get over a hump. I normally purchase my newspaper from newspaper sellers on the street for $1.50, but my husband forgot so I had to pay full price in the store.  Here's a look at what I got at Kroger. 

4 bottles of Tide Detergent  5.99 - 4.00 P&G discount $19.96
2 bottles of Softsoap .88 ea  $1.76
2 pks of UP2U gum 1.00 ea  $2.00
1 pk of strawberries 1.99
1 newspaper 2.50

Coupons Used
4 P&G $2 Tide coupons
2 Softsoap Coupons .40 doubled
2 UP2U $1 gum coupons

Total  $18.37

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